Welcome to Traffic Control Victoria Pty Ltd.
This website provides you with an overview of the MainLOGO.jpg - smallprofessional road management services offered by a Melbourne based Company: Traffic Control Victoria.
Our Goal
Our goal is to provide leadership, innovation and expertise in traffic control and safety management; in turn providing our clients with professional service ensuring the safety of personnel deployed on the roads and safe passage of the public.
Our Mission
Our mission is to be recognised as Victoria's leading contractor for Traffic Control services.
Management at Traffic Control Victoria Pty Ltd have worked together in a variety of construction activities over the past 30 years.
This includes open trench and pipe laying and also overhead power and communication installations.  Traffic Control Victoria has brought together its team to be recognised as a leading traffic control and management company.
Our Operations Manager is responsible for and co-ordinates the implementation of  our policies on Safety, Quality and Environment. 
Our Operations Manager specialises in large construction projects in particular asphalting and road construction.
Safety Institute Of Australia